Dakar Rally 2013 to attract tourists to southern of Peru

by Arequipa Travel on October 18, 2012

2013 Dakar Rally in Arequipa

The most famous off-road race, 2013 Dakar Rally in Arequipa

Arequipa, in Peru’s southern region, expects to attract some 10,000 tourists during the most famous off-road race, 2013 Dakar Rally, which will pass by this region on January 8.

The advertising campaign will be launched in Brazil and Bolivia to promote Arequipa as one of the points for this thrilling adventure and its tourist attractions. [click to continue…]


Peruvian food, stuffed pepper

Peruvian food, stuffed pepper (Rocoto relleno)

The most important Arequipa’s food festival “Festisabores” expects to attract over 60,000 people on October 17-21.

Alfonso Eguiluz Alegre, head of Arequipa Gastronomic Association, said that last year the event drew 53,000 people – a figure that is expected to increase significantly this year due to the participation of other Peruvian regions. [click to continue…]


About Arequipa Peru tourist information the Arequipa City

by Arequipa Travel on November 27, 2011

Misti Volcano Arequipa

Misti Volcano in Arequipa

Arequipa is Peru’s second largest, with a population of approximately 1’000,000. However, it has the feel of a small town, with the centre being compact and containing most areas of interest. Away from the centre, the city rapidly becomes residential, although there are a few sights worth visiting.

The city is splendidly located, in the shadow of three giant volcanoes. Chachani, at 6,075m is the highest, but it is the perfectly conical Misti that draws the attention. After the rainy season, when the snowline often reaches several thousand meters below the summit, it is wonderful just to admire the mountain. Although Arequipa is in the middle of a desert, agriculture has ensured that directly around the city there is plenty of greenery.

The barren hills clearly visible from the city form a stark contrast with the fields found throughout the city. Flying into Arequipa gives a sense of the inhospitableness of the landscape. Surrounded by volcanoes and deep gorges, all in a vast desert, it is easy to understand why the relatively benign geography of the valley of Arequipa, and its vegetation provided by the irrigation of the River Chili, attracted its first Spanish settlers. [click to continue…]


Some 25,000 tourists to visit Arequipa’s Colca Valley in August

August 3, 2010

The Colca Valley, located in Arequipa’s Caylloma province,expects to attract some 25,000 visitors in August,Arequipa’s anniversary month, the Head of Autonomous Authority of Colca (Autocolca) Jose Luis Talavera said Tuesday. He said that August is a very favourable month for the Colca Valley because many tourists arrive to the city of Arequipa to participate in […]

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