Arequipa’s tourist attractions promoted at EuroCotal in Spain

by Arequipa Travel on March 7, 2009

Valley of Volcanoes in Andagua PeruTour operators and travel agencies in Arequipa will participate in the 4th Fair of Latin American and European Tourism, Art and Culture (EuroCotal), to take place in Malaga, Spain, in June, said Arequipa’s Destination Management Organization (OGD) official Eddy Carpio Cuadros.

Apart from offering the traditional tours to Colca Valley, the Historic Center and the countryside, operators have also scheduled new routes to the Valley of Volcanoes, Cotahuasi, among other natural attractions, he said.

“This fair will be attended by tour operators and similar organizations throughout Europe, and our presence will be useful to promote Arequipa as tourist destination in Peru”, said the OGD representative.

According to Carpio, members of OGD decided to participate in EuroCotal fair, because they think it will be a great opportunity to promote Arequipa in Europe, and therefore, get prepared to tackle the global crisis affecting the tourism sector.

“This fair takes place in June, which is a great month to start selling tour packages for 2010, and especially to promote Arequipa”, Carpio stated.

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