Expedition to Colca Canyon found more than 30 waterfalls

by Arequipa Travel on June 27, 2009

Expedition Colca Condor 2009

Polish expedition ‘Colca Condor 2008 & 2009’ found more than 30 waterfalls in their trip through an unexplored stretch in Colca Canyon in Arequipa region, expedition leader Jerzy Yurek Majcherczyk said Friday.

He said that one of these waterfalls was called “Cascada de la Muerte” (The Waterfall of Death), due to the shape and slope, and huge rocks below, which complicated the descent.

They found four waterfalls from 30 to 60 meters high, located between the stretch of Cruz del Cura and Cruz del Condor.

The Polish expedition was surprised by “Colcas” or little caves used as warehouses of food by ancient civilizations in this area, located in the canyon walls.

Majcherczyk said that in two months they will publish the geological report of Colca Canyon, as well as the map with the entire information of distances, altitudes, photo and video gallery.

Expedition to Colca CanyonWaterfalls and colcas registered up to now were presented on Friday in a press conference with the participation of Mayor of Caylloma Jorge Cueva, and authorities from the Autonomous Authority of Colca (Autocolca).

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