Five new tourist routes to be opened in Colca Valley

by Arequipa Travel on July 12, 2010

Five new tourist routes will be opened in the Colca Valley in order to boost visits to this area and improve the quality of life in local communities.

Initiatives will be undertaken as part of an interinstitutional agreement signed by Colca Autonomous Authority (AutoColca) and the GEA Group, aimed at supporting tourist micro-entrepreneurs, agro-producers and artisans.

According to this agreement, a group of initiatives, strategies, plans, programs and projects will be designed and executed, including training in tourism management, infrastructure construction, among others.

They also plan to involve local population into tourism sector to improve their incomes and ensure the sustainability of the activity.

The new tourist routes include Callalli-Sibayo-Tuti-Canocota, Yanque-Maca-Achoma, Coporaque-Ichupampa-Lari-Madrigal, Cabanaconde-Tapay, and Toccra.

Last year, the Colca Valley was visited by 146.000 tourists, and tourism sector generated US$10 million in revenues.

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