Main tourist attractiveness of Arequipa Peru

by Arequipa Travel on March 18, 2008

Yanahuara Arequipa tourism


Yanahuara: A traditional district located about two kilometers from downtown. It is an old, established village – which today is part of the city – of Indians from the valley of the nearby Chili River. It has colorful narrow and aged side streets, houses with family orchards and a church of baroque facade from the year 1750 in the main plaza. But the most outstanding feature here are the arcs of sillar of the famous Mirador of Yanahuara, from which the entire city can be appreciated; the arcs made of the whitish volcanic rock sillar, sport engravings with the philosophy of life and inspiration of the arequipeans. Sachaca: Located five kilometers from downtown, it has some of the oldest homes in Arequipa, and is located between green and beautiful countryside. What makes this inspiring district famous are its “picanterías,” which are typical restaurants where the best regional dishes are served, always accompanied by Creole music and impressive views. In addition, we find the Goyeneche Palace, a fortress of neoclassic style with heavy walls and a mote.
Cayma: Located three kilometers from downtown and past Yanahuara, this district, on the right shore of the Chili river, is called “The Balcony of Arequipa,” since from his heights one can see the entire city. Its main plaza has a church whose interior houses the image of the Virgin of the Candlemas, donated by King Carlos V.

Carmen Alto District with many pre-Columbian features, and in whose fields it is possible to camp. It is also the site of battles during the Arequipa civil war and has a modest museum that illustrates those historical battles.

Characato Town 14 kilometers from the city. The Merced church and an old manor house from 1795 are located in the main plaza. Characato also features an observatory and a geomagnetic and seismic station as well as another that tracks satellites.

Socabaya The most interesting aspect of this town located 10 kilometers from the city is its wonderful landscape, which has been a source of inspiration for arequipean poets and painters. Visitors can hike and camp the in the natural caves of Las Peñas.

Chilina Only a 10-minute drive from the city, this district is for many most beautiful and romantic of the arequipean countryside. Out of its fields rise two volcanoes and the most splendid dawns. It also has the perfect fields for camping trips and hiking to observe the precious wildlife and plant life of the region.

Tiabaya This district nine kilometers from downtown offers its countryside with delicious traditional pear trees and picanterías (traditional restaurants).

Yura Synonymous with medicinal-mineral or thermal waters is located 30 kilometers from the city. In its swimming pools, for multiple and individual use, visitors can get therapy for a variety of ailments. In addition it has diverse recreational centers for camping or sports and a hotel properly equipped for tourists.

Socosani Seven kilometers from Yura, we find another assembly of thermal waters. The water here is bottled for drinking and is very appreciated throughout the country. In addition it has impressive waterfalls and immense fields for camping. It is flanked by hills suitable for hikes and rock climbing.

These are the most outstanding districts of Arequipa and mostly those that are close to downtown and can be reached easily. The downtown is also is considered a district, ‘El Cercado’ (The Surrounded One,) where the historical center of the city is located as well as several colonial churches and manor homes. There is also a great diversity of stores and cultural centers that feature art from this wonderful region.

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