Polish – American – Peruvian Expedition Colca Condor 2009

by Arequipa Travel on June 29, 2009

Expedition Colca Condor 2009

On the bottom of the Earth’s deepest canyon, a search for legendary Incan treasure unfolds.

On Wednesday, June 17, the team Colca Condor 2009 began their journey by utilizing climbing gear and safety equipment in order to descend more than a kilometer into the earth just to reach the bottom of the canyon. The three phase process took eight hours, and was accompanied by a seventy year old local shaman. Crucial to the safety of the explorers was their support crew that tracked their progress along the bottom of the gorge. Located at the rim of the canyon, the support team aided the canyoneers by maintaining constant contact with them.

We will enter the Colca Canyon, at the same place where we lave it last time in 2008.

Navigating the canyon proved to be a difficult task with constant winds, lack of shelters, and temperatures that averaged around 3.1 degrees Celsius all working against the team. However, the group’s most demanding obstacle so far was certainly the tall and powerful water fall that rested beneath the Cruz del Cura, a popular outlook a the rim of the cayon. In fact, it proved to be such a problem that the support team needed to deliver additional climbing equipment to the main group. Even with their help, the falls took two days to conquer.

That Monday June 15, in Arequipa Tecnological University in Peru, a press conference was held in which an expedition program was announced by an international team of explorers. Colca Condor 2009, an expedition under the leadership of Jerzy “Yurek” Majcherczyk, would set forth to conquer and explore the last virgin section of the world’s deepest gorge, the Colca Canyon. The announcement spurred much interest and attracted Peru’s largest media outlets that will be covering the historic expedition.

The crew is expected to reach their destination on June 25th. We will then arrive at a small locale named San Gaye. From there we will climb up to village of Cabanaconde. Next, We are beginning to explore edges of the canyon as well surrounding mountains looking for the ruins of the fortress from pre Inca Wari culture.

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